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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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shelley: now at 11:00, the family of a man from rye says he is the pilot who was killed in a plane crash in the waters off new york city. his brother talks about the sudden loss. tom: fbi investigators search the scene of a murder in manchester inch by inch. and the family of denise robert says this is evidence her death hasn' t been forgotten. mike: the spring-like pattern continues on friday with record warmth in at least one spot. how high temps go plus the cooler changes we' ll see this weekend. shelley: one police officer is using his cell phone to fight the heroin epidemic. >> you gotta be compassionate. you' ve got to show that you care. shelley: the offer he has extended to people trying to fight addiction. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. tom: we are hearing from emily
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mcgee from rye was the pilot killed in a plane crash last night. good evening, i' m tom griffith. shelley: i' m shelley walcott. the small plane bound for new hampshire' s seacoast, went down off the coast of new york and tonight his family and investigators are trying to figure out how this tragedy could have happened. phil mcgee says he already misses his beloved brother brad, the two of them in this picture with brad on the right. >> i always thought of brad as about the most extraordinary person you could ever know. shelley his brother says the : family is certain brad mcgee was the pilot who died in a small plane crash just off the coast of new york. the 57-year-old from rye called his wife last night, to tell her he was heading home from a business trip in philadelphia. >> there was some weather that in fact came in today which was expected, and i think brad wanted to get aheae of that, so he figured, let me fly home.
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the conditions are beautiful, the winds are low, the sky is clear. shelley brad mcgee never made it : to pease airport in portsmouth. the faa says no distress call was ever made. but witnesses say it was clear the pilot was in trouble. you usually don' t fly that low. and you usually go straight along the ocean. you don' t fly over breezy point. shelley the nypd launched a effort, an hour later, the beechcraft' s tail was located. and shortly after that a body, that phil mcgee says was undoubtedly his brother. >> unquestionably. it was his plane, he was the pilot, and there was one body found. there was 100% certainty on my part that no one else was flying that plane. shelley and now he says his : family is preparing to say goodbye to the man they watched graduate from harvard, serve in the navy, start two businesses, run marathons, and fly airplanes. >> he' s always been my hero
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among heroes. shelley: brad mcgee is survived by his wife of 30 years, teri. they had no children. the ntsb and faa are investigating the cause of the crash. tom: derry firefighters say a pedestrian was seriously injured when he was hit by a car this evening. when first responders got to the area of 96 chester road, they found a man in his mid-50's with a serious head injury. he was taken to a hospital, and there' s no word on his condition at this time. the road was shut down for a while as police investigated. the fbi descended on a neighborhood in manchester today to lend their expertise to an unsolved murder. investigators returned to the area where denise robert was shot and killed while out for a walk two months ago. jean mackin joins us live from the manchester police department and jean the fbi has wrapped up for the night? jean: that' s right, the fbi packed up after a long day
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we spoke with denise robert' s family and they say this is one step closer to closure. the fbi conducted a methodical search of the crime scene in manchester' s north end where 62-year-old denise robert was shot and killed while out for her regular walk august 30. her family says the fbi search is a welcome sight. >> great for us, for our family, we get ot see that here' s activity, people looking again jean investigators say the : search is not in response to any tip but part of the ongoing investigation. that night, neighbors reported a pickup truck speeding away but police do not know if its connected. the fbi conducted a grid search in the area of ray street where the body was found. along with a lawn just beyond it. metal detectors and other equipment were brought in to search the ground, fences, trees. a fire truck helped investigators examine rooftops. and they could be seen digging in spots. >> now that the fbi' s in it, maybe they'
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something. jean many neighbors gave consent : to have their properties searched. >> anything i can do i' d be more than happy to help and im sure the neighbors feel the same way. >> i think it' s good that they' re doing something about it and not letting it go because s brother : says the family is anxious, but comforted work is being done and confident an arrest will be made. >> we' re praying for everybody involved that we all come out of this in a positive way, that the community comes out in a positive way as well. she was sort of a guiding light. jean: investigators are not releasing what they found if , anything. there is still a growing reward in this case it now tops $40,000. live in manchester, jean mackin, wmur news9. shelley: manchester mayoral candidate joyce craig filed for a recount this afternoon. incumbent mayor ted gatsas was
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declared the winner by just 85 votes. our stephanie woods spoke with live. stephanie: craig says every single vote counts. >> we' ve been working hard for the last seven months, spending so much time knocking on doors, talking to residents in manchester. stephanie after a hard-fought joyce craig lost to incumbent mayor ted gatsas by less than .5%. but while the mayor celebrated winning his 4th term tuesday craig is not conceding yet. >> well we' ve been thinking about it obviously since the election, the results were so close, less than .5%. and i' ve been receiving calls and texts and emails from supporters so we made the decision today to move forward with the recount. >> the democratic challenger has filed a formal request at city hall to recount all of the ballots cast in the manchester mayoral election. the manchester city clerk says a recount could happen as early as monday although nothing is set in stone yet. >> well you know obviously i
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hope the number turn in my favor, but we' ll see. we' re optimistic but you know, in the end, we' ll make sure that every vote is counted and that was very important to our supporters, which is why we moved forward with this. >> i have great faith in the clerk' s office. i know they' re going to do a great job. and we' ll get by this sooner or later. stephanie: but gatsas says manchester voters elected him to another two years in the corner office because they are confident he will tackle the queen city' s challenges. >> i think the question is that it' s about trust, it' s about leadership, it' s about experience. and i think that the folks out there voiced their opinion, and we' re going to move on. stephanie: if the recount shows she received more votes and gatsas, the board will declare the winner. shelley: this time that will be a candidates in the main debate,
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down from 10. donald trump and ben carson will be center stage. an average of four recent national polls. because of their poll numbers, chris christie and mike huckabee were moved down to the undercard debate. two candidates that had been in the undercard debates previously did not poll high enough to make the debate this time, lindsey graham and george pataki. tom: george pataki sat down in summers before roundtable debate about substance abuse. he talked about work is done in new jersey on addiction. ohio governor john kasich held a town hall in londonderry tonight in talk about his plans to balance the budget and create jobs by empowering local governments. the republican presidential candidate made stops in greenland and durham earlier today.
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to be on the primary ballot. shelley: three major candidates added their names to the primary ballot today. before today there had been questions about whether his party affiliation would be accepted. kristi has previously identified and run as a dependent. earlier in the day marco rubio stop by the secretary of state' s office and after getting up then, the florida senator officially filed for the primary. not long after rubio, a chanting crowd greeted carly fiorina. after filing her forms, she took time to thank supporters. tomorrow morning she will be on the view, and you can see that right here on wmur at 11:00 a.m. donald trump and ben carson now have secret service protection. both requested texan last month.
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secret service agents usually start monitoring candidates for president and vice president about 120 days before an election, but past tended eight including then senator barack obama have been assigned protection earlier in their campaigns. tom cole and the new hampshire rebellion kick off its we the people campaign today. the bipartisan group is trying to get big money out of politics. they walked -- they stopped at the ben carson campaign to hand over their petitions to then candidates to change the way they raise money for campaigns. >> underneath those issues is the problem of bought and paid for politicians. we' ve seen wall of money candidates, candidates with hundreds of millions of dollars failing. the public has woken up on this issue and now realize that bought and paid for politicians are blocking solutions.
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tom cole in the new hampshire nonprofit founded by legendary reformer doris granny d. haddock. shelley: one officer one cell phone and compassion. that' s the combination making noticeable progress in one city' s fight against heroin. >> it' s the energy he puts off. it' s the positivity. he doesn' t look at you like you' re an addict or you' re a problem. he looks at you like there' s a promising future for you. shelley: coming up on news 9 tonight, hear from the police officer who took on this mission to help those struggling with addiction. mike: one more warm day tomorrow before changes move in for the
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the forecast is coming up. it' s not ruling out the possibility of terrorism in the crash of a plane in egypt. no determination has been brought down about what exactly saturday. investigators had said it seems more likely than not that a bomb caused the crash. many experts say decriminalizing drug addiction and offering treatment over jail is the only like heroine.
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has put that to the test. amy coveno introduces us to the officer who found results. >> i used to have veins, now i don' t.i just have scars. amy zach brown is doing time at t see his son, doesn' have a job and wrestles with his addiction every day. needles i wasn' t taking no for not gettting high. i was willing to do some pretty crazy things. amy zach says he' s a lucky man : for a number of reasons. he could be in prison on a much longer sentence. he could be dead. he could still be ravaged by withdrawal symptoms. he credits his mom. >> i don' t know who she talked to down there but she said to talk to officer adams and he' ll help me. and i was skeptical. police have never been my friends in the past. >> i want to make sure that they' re ok. amy officer eric adams is taking : on the heroin crisis, and winning. his weapon of choice? a flip phone that he answers any
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time of the day or night, every single day of the week. >> you stay on the phone. you keep talking to them. you keep telling them that you can make it. amy laconia. : population 18,000. the city has racked up close to 100 overdose calls so far this year. 6 were fatal. it' s clear the status quo wasn' t working. >> if you are just going to an overdose and you are not offering any resources to these people and you' re just getting them up to the hospital or they , refuse and you walk away you' re going to be back there in a few hours for another od. >> advocacy and intervention position was the brain child of the police chief. it' s only a-year-old but already so successful it' s on track for national certification. several new hampshire police department' s around the state are trying to model it. the concept is simple but eric
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adams admits difficult to replicate because what makes it work here in laconia is eric. part big brother -- >> i' m kind of like that thorn in their side. that' won' t go away. amy part advocate, part coach. : >> you gotta be compassionate. you' ve got to show that you care. >> there should be one in every town. a couple of them. he' s a postive male role model who' s not trying to throw me in jail. >> addiction doesn' t just affect the addict. it affects the entire person who loves that addict and i' d suggest not to give up. amy tammy is trying to hold it : all together for her kids and her fiance . and when she' s not sure she has the strength or the right answers she calls eric. >> it' s the energy he puts off it' s the positivity. he doesn' t look at you like you' re an addict or you' re a problem to him. he looks at you like there' s a promising future for you. >> i don' t claim to be a social worker. i'
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m not. i' m just a human being that cares. amy this heroin crusader says : addiction and recovery can be achieved outpatient. it' s cheaper and more immediate. >> it' s not always about the beds and i want nh to make sure they understand that. amy in a few weeks zach hopes to : be out of jail and reclaiming his life starting with his one-year-old son. >> i am glad to be clean and sober. and be able to feel love and happiness and give it back so we' re gonna stay on that track. tom: communities all over new hampshire are searching for strategies to fight the heroin epidemic. this week, the executive council approved a special session to examine the issue. it begins november 18. >> now, mike haddad with your storm watch 9 forecast. like: time lapse at newfound
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quickly into the sunshine, as soon as that happened, the temperatures taking off again, well above the average. concord only one shy of the record today. 75 the old record, 70 or the official high today after a chilly morning low of 33, but nowhere close to the record low of one, set way back in 1879. even along the coast close to record highs. the old record 70 raven, tomorrow' s record is very low at 62. so a great shot of shattering the record and breaking it as early as the mid part of the morning. highs range from 68 to 76 statewide today. still at this late hour the evening, we should be in the 30' s in many spots. still holding onto over reason low 50' s for the north, 50' s and lower to mid 60' s from the lakes region and points south.
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it does cool down significantly back to the west. at or even slightly below the average. this eventually has to get in here, the question is when. cooler to the west, in the middle is a strong cold front that will moving here tomorrow afternoon and early evening. you see it marked by quite a few clouds and scattered showers. right along the immediate front of couple of downpours and spot thundershowers, so we cannot rule that out early evening tomorrow. a little murky tomorrow morning with the touch of drizzle or sprinkle and then clouds and breaks of sunshine for the rest of friday. late gain early evening as the front gets close enough to us it will trigger a couple of widely scattered showers and maybe an isolated thunder shower. early saturday morning it' s back out. breezy and much cooler on
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saturday and even a bit colder as we go into sunday. highs tomorrow anywhere from 66-73 degrees statewide, even at the coast where we will likely midmorning. my saturday notice how much cooler it is. keep in mind the average highs that. speaking of cool, by sunday highs only around 50 in southern new hampshire. get that low. very warm springlike friday, by saturday breezy and cool. sunday breezy and even colder and then very chilly monday morning, teens and 20 state light. so reality is back in here sunday afternoon and early monday. a good part of next week features temperatures slightly above average. tom: still waiting for the first
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much more coming up in sports. jamie: high school tournament
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jamie the boston bruins are : playing some good teams this week and they are coming out on the losing end. dallas beat them on tuesday. tonight they had their hands full at the washington capitals. the bruins score first. a pass across the crease from brett connolly to jimmy hayes. 1-0 boston. that is the only goal at the game. late in the period a great goal by alex ovechkin falling to the
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at 1-1. take a look as he chops it over tuukka rask. the seventh of the year. two more goals for the caps in the 2nd period including john carlson on a power play. they win 4-1. 2 straight losses for the bruins. girls soccer division one semifinals. this is manchester central and londonderry. no score into the 2nd half but then katya lavasseur centers for emma lavasseur, and big sister does the rest out front. a family goal 1-0 central. but right after that, the lancers answer katrina rivard runs it down in the corner and she sends it out front. laurel goding is there for the one timer. tie game 1-1. it went thru double overtime to penalty kicks. londonderrry advances. so the lancers will play for the title for the first time since 2010. they will take on top ranked pinkerton. the astros knocked off bedford 1-0. they are in the title game for the first time since 2007. girls division ii semifinals both games were upsets. hanover wins on penalty kicks.
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they go back to defend their state title from 2014. portsmouth takes down windham. both their boys and girls soccer teams are in the championship games. division 4 seeded derryfield school against the sunapee lakers. 2nd half, lakers in green and trailing but junior katie frederick drills the free kick to the left side of the net. 2-2 game. cougars answer gabi brummett gets behind the defense and has a lot of net to shoot at. she doesn' t miss, 3-2 derryfield. more cougars freshman madison thorne gets it to the finisher, brummett. this time she goes to the left foot, scores again, 4-2 derryfield. that would be the game-winner. frederick wasnt done another free kick. tucked perfectly under the crossbar 4-3. but that was all the scoring in this one. derryfield gets all they can handle from epping but they hold them off 4-3. division for scores. derryfield goes back to the title game to try and defend their championship. epping over gorham 1-0. the blue devils are in the
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since 2005. the girls division 1 volleyball pinkerton. top seeded merrimack took on #4 hollis brookline here. and it' with the 3-2 win. first trip to the title game since 2011. in the first match of the day 6th seeded bishop guertin matched up with 2nd seed spaulding. thecardinals upset them in 3 sets. bg goes to the championship game for the first time since 2006. the season came to an unexpected end for this week' s hometown hero, but what a season it was. payton walker led the hillsboro-deering girls soccer team to its first ever undefeated regular season and a number one ranking in the playoffs. unfortunately for the hillcats, they were upset in the semifinals on tuesday night. payton did not lead the team in goals or assists, but instead was the player the team relied on to create. the 17-year-old senior captain was the catalyst for a very explosive offense. she plans to play soccer year-round for seacoast united and plans to play in college.
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>> i think the bond between us is so strong this year because we late with each other since middle school. there' s no drama and that' s what really makes us strong this year. jamie: good luck to her. this time tomorrow night will be doing playoff previews. a lot of football to talk as we get ready for a huge saturday, 12 playoff games in football tom: still to come on newsnine tonight. nasa has learned more about the history of mars. shelley: the powerful port -- force that changes atmosphere and my that cannot happen here. dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich,
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